Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Page o' coordination: overlapping hands - 01

This is a pretty straightforward page of coordination patterns with overlapping doubles between the hands— each exercise has a repeating right-both-left sequence, with a basic hihat part, and a variety of basic patterns on the bass drum.

This RBL pattern occurs frequently in Latin styles of playing, and these exercises will give us an opportunity to really drill on that structure, so it's reliably together when we get to the actual Latin stuff.

You could run these using the usual left hand moves we do with all of the other POCs, but that doesn't seem real important with this page. Mostly you should really pay attention to the timing of the different parts. This is not a super-heavy page— you might get all you need out of it in one or two practice sessions. A productive tempo would be in the quarter note = 160-200 BPM range.

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