Friday, November 27, 2015

Inverted paradiddle exercises

A page of paradiddle exercises, using the fun and hip RLLR/LRRL inversion. These are written in cut time, and can be played blazingly fast.

You'll notice that the 8th notes are all alternating, except most of the exercises end with a double in one of the hands. You may also want to eliminate that double, which will cause you to play the entire exercise with the stickings reversed on the next time through. You also have the option of adding an accent at the end of each run of 16th notes, or eliminating the accent(s) in the middle of a longer run of 16ths. If you feel like it, you can also substitute the other paradiddle sticking on the 16th notes— either RLRR/LRLL or RRLR/LLRL.

 You can play these fast— a tempo over half note = 100 BPM should be your eventual goal.

Oops, no pdf right now, as I'm away from home for the holiday. You can print it from the jpeg above, though.

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