Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Igbo grooves for drumset

More grooves from that video of Igbo percussionists from the other day— I called it “ogene”, but that is the name of the bells the musicians are playing; the name of the tribe and the music is Igbo. These drumset grooves here are composites of the shaker, udo (bass sound), and ogene (bell) parts. Most of the left hand parts are based on the parts of the bell player on screen right; the floor tom notes are played by the bell player on screen left, the leader.

The grooves have long, short, and ghosted articulations in the bass drum and tonal parts— the left hand parts played on the toms and snare drum with snares off. The pitches of the drums from low to high are floor tom, high tom, snare drum; so you can substitute a smaller tom tom for the snare drum if you want.

Get the pdf

The video is worth many viewings— you may or may not be able to hear all of these grooves in the audio; some of them are pretty transitory.

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