Sunday, July 12, 2015

“All you need to bring is cymbals” translated

“What? Them's drums, ain't they? Whatsamatter?”
What this familiar instruction really means:

“Bring your cymbals, and these items too:
  • two different sizes of hihat clutches
  • cymbal felts, washers, sleeves, and wingnuts
  • snare drum
  • throne
  • bass drum pedal
  • what the hell: hihat stand
  • extra cymbal stand
  • optional, not optional: snare stand
  • duct tape
  • music stand, clothes pins, stand light, if reading music
  • stick bag, drum key, of course

Failure to bring ANY of the above is 100% guaranteed to leave you TOTALLY SCREWED.”

As one drummer says: “If someone says that they are providing drums... don’t have any expectations[.]”

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