Sunday, April 12, 2015

Linear phrases in 5/4, mixed rhythm — 02

UPDATE: pdf download link fixed!

Another batch of Chaffee linear patterns, in a different mixed rhythm than before, in 5/4. There will be four pages of this one; two of the basic phrases, two of the inversions.

At one point my attitude was “Why should I practice in 5/4, which I rarely have to play, when I haven't yet mastered 4/4, which I have to play all the time?” As I've been doing a whole lot of practicing in 5 in recent years, I'm realizing that it's definitely not a zero-sum thing; my practicing in 5 does help my playing in 4. Mainly, it forces you to concentrate, and breaks up patterns of being too squarely “in 4”, or of habitually falling into an Elvin-style running dotted quarter note cross rhythm— a few of you know what I'm talking about here. The point is, if you're able to play pretty well, and mindlessly, in 4, you won't be detracting by spending a lot of time in 5.

This ends up being a lot of patterns to cover, so I keep it simple. I start each pattern with the right hand and alternate, moving the hands around the drums. You could swing the 8th notes, if you want.

Get the pdf


ericdano said...

The link to the PDF seems busted

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the mention of the running Elvin dotted quarter notes...I've noticed myself falling into that by default sometimes, but have never heard the problem articulated before.

Also, I think the pdf link might be for the wrong file?