Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Half-time feel funk: advanced method — open hihat

Here's the next step for this half-time funk method we've been doing, using Syncopation, by Ted Reed. On the intermediate method and on this one we'll be using the pages with quarter notes, 8th notes, and 8th rests, pp. 29-30 and 33-36 in the old edition— in the new edition I think the page numbers are one off from that. First master the basic and intermediate methods with all of the bass drum patterns before doing this method. This method is exactly the same as the intermediate method, except we'll add a closed hihat note with the foot during the rest, and an open hihat sound with the hand on the note before the closed note.

We're using natural sticking for this entire method; reading the rhythms out of the book, the right hand play all notes on the beat— the 1, 2, 3, and/or 4— the left hand any &s. The right hand plays the snare drum on 3. If there's a written rest on 3, or if an open note is called for on 3, play the snare drum on the closest available notes to beat 3, with either hand— or play the snare drum on whatever beats sound good to you. Just look at the examples on the page and play accordingly.

If you need to, you can break this down by steps:
1. Play the rhythm from the book on the hihat, with natural sticking, as described above.
2. Add the closed hihat notes with the foot on the written 8th rests.
3. Time opening the cymbals before the closed notes so that you get an open sound.
4. Move the right hand to the snare drum on 3; if that conflicts with an open hihat note, or if there's a rest on 3, play the snare drum on a different note or notes, whatever sounds good.
5. Add the bass drum rhythms from the cut time funk beats page to make a complete groove.

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