Thursday, March 12, 2015

Transcription: Kenny Clarke fours

Here are Kenny Clarke's fours, played with brushes, on Love Me Or Leave Me, from the album Walkin', by Miles Davis. I've given the drum solo breaks only:

The ties are due to some kind of left hand swishing activity— do whatever you see fit there. The lick with the quintuplets likely has a double in it, either on the first two notes, or on the 3rd-4th notes; it was probably conceived as two 8th notes and a triplet, slurred together, due to the tempo. Many of the triplets may have doubles in them, and are not super-cleanly executed generally.

Get the pdf

You own this record, but here's the audio anyway:


mbt said...

Hi Todd. This is my first comment but I have been enjoying your work on this blog for quite a while. I just wanted to know what software that you use to create these transcriptions. I would like to do some transcriptions with software. Is it just Finale or Sibelius or is it something else?

Thanks for all of your dedication and generosity!

Todd Bishop said...

Thanks, Dennis, that's very kind. I use Finale, and it's good, now that I've learned to use it, but it can be a major pain- non-intuitive in the extreme. If I was starting with it today I might check out MuseScore, which is free, and apparently pretty good.

mbt said...

Thanks for the reply. I really love your blog and have been especially enjoying the posts on "Whiplash".

Anonymous said...

Hi,thanks a lot for the transcription, very accurate