Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Rational Funk with Dave King

Bad Plus drummer Dave King's Rational Funk series of videos are pretty genius, and hilarious:

They brought me to mind of the old Book of the SubGenius, a blurb on the back of which goes something like “Genuine wisdom in the guise of pure bullshit.” ...Ken Kesey or somebody wrote that.

Anyway, Jon McCaslin has posted several of the videos— hop on over there, or to King's YouTube page, and check them out. It's kind of a sad commentary that these get a few percent of the views of your average Drumeo video...

A couple of more of my favorites after the break:

(h/t to Jon McCaslin @ Four On The Floor)

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Anonymous said...

The military drumming episode had me laughing so hard it wrung me out like a dishrag.