Saturday, August 02, 2014

Transcription: Funkadelic — Trash A Go Go

More funk. This is Trash A-Go-Go, from Funkadelic's Cosmic Slop album. It's not clear who the drummer is; our man Tiki Fulwood is only credited on one track, and I don't think it's our other favorite P-Funk drummer, Jerome Brailey. Some of the other rhythm section players are listed as playing drums sometimes, and it does sound like it's probably one of them— it's sort of non-drummery.

Almost everything is played at a pretty even, strong, volume level, except for the few big accents. This is another case where the hihat and ride is not accented— just play 16th notes at an even volume. Despite the scary 32nd notes, there's nothing too technical here, and the parts should lay on the drums pretty easily.

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Jim said...

This comment relates to to a previous post of yours regarding the hi hat accenting debate. I heard an explanation/argument for not accenting the hi hat that used Brian Blade's playing as an example. Blade often doesn't accent the hi hat, instead playing the 8th note with a consistency and drive(?) that relates to the quarter note ride cymbal pulse in jazz. The stylistic considerations of accented vs. unaccented patterns aren't really addressed often enough, at all.