Sunday, August 17, 2014

Continued light posting

Looking at a fairly busy week here, so you'll likely see very little of me: heading to LA this morning, to make a record with songwriter Kirk Ross, my old friend, along with pianist Geoffrey Keezer, and bassist Larry Steen. Then back in Portland for 48 hours for a rehearsal and gig with my own group (if you're in PDX: Friday, Aug. 22 @ Camellia Lounge, 8pm), playing music from my new CD, Travelogue. Then up at dawn the next day to fly to Ashland, Oregon, to see my girlfriend, Casey Scott, who has been acting and playing bass in Stew Stewart's new play, Family Album, which will be finishing up its first run at the end of the month. I will have a day to run around LA taking photos with my newly-refurbished Yashica D medium format camera, so hopefully I'll have some cool pictures to share at the end, as well as some notes about the session.

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