Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Groove o' the day: Al Foster — Chick's Tune

I was working on our upcoming Book of Intros, and came across this cool Latin groove from a teenage Al Foster, playing on Blue Mitchell's album The Thing To Do. The tune is Chick's Tune, and he plays this during the brief Latin sections on the head:

This has a nice, relaxed Elvin-like feel, and should work at a variety of tempos— it reminds me of a previous GOTD by Jack Dejohnette. At faster tempos, you can break up the four 8th notes in the first measure, giving you a Mozambique-like bell pattern:

I can see adding a bass drum note on the & of 4 of the second measure, and hihat on beats 2 and 4. Experiment with the feet, and see what works for you.

The book, by the way, is going to be a collection of transcribed drum intros from jazz recordings from the 30's-present. Hopefully we'll have that ready to go before the end of the year.

Audio after the break:

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Anonymous said...

Great book idea, Todd, 'really looking forward to it! Best, David Hurd