Sunday, March 31, 2013

Transcription: Philly Joe Jones — Locomotion

I've been working through Philly Joe Jones's intro on Lomotion, from the Coltrane album Blue Train; a student was given the fairly nutso assignment of learning this verbatim off of YouTube. We worked through it by rote/aurally, but I thought I'd do my own transcription of it, so she can see what's going on with it that way:

It's not clear what's happening within the rolls in measures 5-8— something with a triplet rhythm, probably; but we simplified the part there by fitting accented doubles to the rhythm Philly Joe is playing there. It doesn't exactly resolve to a normal rhythm, but the tempo is fast, and it's easy to throw it in there and land the accents in the right spot:

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Audio after the break:

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