Saturday, March 02, 2013

5/4 jazz ostinato with snare drum — 01

Another in the Dahlgren & Fine-esque, post Elvin's Afro-Waltz series of stuff, here with a slightly more normal jazz ostinato. I keep writing these because I like practicing them, and learning them gets a lot easier after you've done a couple. I also need to do some easier ones for my students. Hopefully, if you're actually working on these, you've gotten to the point where you can deal with them as entire pages, or even series of pages, rather than as a lot of randomly difficult one-measure patterns.

As always, apply the tom moves. Swing the 8th notes. Since the feet pattern is slightly less dense than the other entries in this series, you might try substituting another cymbal pattern for the given one. As you get very comfortable with this page, you can occasionally accent the & of 5, tying the note through the following downbeat— so you won't be playing the 1 on the BD/cym.

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