Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Groove o' the day: Ed Blackwell -- more Togo

Another Ed Blackwell groove today, from a little deeper in the same tune as the last GOTD, Togo, from the self-titled Old And New Dreams on ECM (there's also one on the Black Saint label, which is also highly worth owning). We're also getting a little deeper into Blackwell's thing, as this one is rather challenging. It occurs at 3:21:

I wouldn't worry too much about getting those open and closed hihat notes exactly right-- that's just what he played at that moment-- I'd shoot for open sounds on 1 and 3, and closed sounds on 2 and 4, and let God sort out the &'s. That feet part does muddy the waters substantially, so here it is with the hands only, with one possible sticking:

A little ungainly. If anyone comes up with a more elegant sticking, feel free to share it in the comments.

Again, this isn't available on the youtubes, so you'll just have to buy the record, or, pathetically, just the one track.


Anonymous said...

This track can be found on Spotify!

Michael Griener said...

There was a transcription of the whole solo in a PAS magazine "Percussive Notes" a couple of years ago. The transcriber wrote the bell rhythm in a separate system which made it very hard to read.

Todd Bishop said...

Gah, that's what I get for letting my PAS membership lapse, I guess. I'd be very curious to see that, Michael, if you ever have a minute to scan it for me.