Sunday, August 19, 2012

Groove o' the day: Ed Blackwell - another 6/8

UPDATE: Whoops, a typo, gitoutcher pencils-- scratch that last tom note in the second measure.

Here's another entry in my little project of cataloging as many of Ed Blackwell's grooves as I can figure out. Many of them are pretty inscrutable, so I've been starting with the low-hanging fruit. Here's another one in 6, from the song Togo on Old and New Dreams's self-titled record on ECM, one of my favorite records ever:

This tune is not posted on YouTube, but you can purchase the track (and hear the groove played in the sample) from You should really do yourself a favor and buy the record, though.


Phillip Sudderberg said...

What an awesome endeavor. Please keep feeding the masses more Blackwell.

Have you checked out some of the grooves he devises on Bee Vamp off of Dolphy's live recording "At the 5 Spot"? Very rich with some ridiculously layered beautiful grooves. Also, his playing on Dewey Redman's record "Tarik"...the title track is very worthy of your treatment (and is very similar to the T&T groove you've recently published). Thanks for all of this.

Todd Bishop said...

Thanks Phillip! I have both those records, but haven't actually listened to them-- in, well, years actually-- time to dig them out. I always loved the way he played the hihat on Number Eight. More coming...