Sunday, March 25, 2012

That was fast

I received my Book of the Blog order yesterday- remarkably fast turnaround from "thing on my computer" to "real paper book", considering I only completed it and placed my order on Monday. makes a nice quality product, too. So far I've found it to be mostly free of giant screwups on my part, except that on the back cover Ndugu Leon Chancler is named Ndugu Leon Taylor, and Art Taylor's name is missing altogether- the result of a cutting and pasting mishap. Something for me to fix in the revised edition...

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has ordered- if you haven't yet, you can still avoid the humiliation of being the last kid on your block to get yours by ordering today! It's 139 pages of transcriptions from 2011, including substantial pieces by Vinnie Colauita, Elvin Jones, Jack Dejohnette, Tony Williams, Zigaboo Modeliste, and a whole lot more.

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