Wednesday, March 07, 2012

MD column: hi-hat technique

OK, I'm not meaning to turn this into a fair-use abusing, exclusively old Modern Drummer stuff blog, but a longer post is taking its sweet time getting finished, and this is just what I happen to have on deck. This is from the January 1983 issue with Peter Erskine on the cover. I like doing these Tony Williams-style, adding the snare drum on the open notes and the bass drum on the foot notes, or the inverse:

He makes the jazz exercises by just swinging the 8th notes from the first twelve patterns, but note that the "funky" 12/8 pattern from the top of the right hand column on page two is comprised of the eight 8th notes of pattern 1, plus the first four notes of pattern 2 from page one, played in a triplet rhythm. That's a good thing to do with the rest of the exercises as well. If you're one of those thirst-for-patterns types, you can easily make similar things out of the one-measure syncopation exercises in Reed, selectively opening the hihat on the long notes and closing it in the gaps in the written part.

Get the pdf.

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