Monday, August 29, 2011

J.C. Moses

Ted @ Trap'd mentions and posts audio from a drummer I haven't thought of in awhile- J.C. Moses, drummer with Archie Shepp's New York Contemporary Five, Andrew Hill, and Sam Rivers, among other people. Along with Andrew Cyrille, Beaver Harris et al he was one of the main avante-garde guys in the 60's, though he didn't get on as many records as the others.

I could never find a NYC5 record until early in the '00's (you used to have to go to record stores and flip through a lot of LPs and "compacte discs" to find these things), and knew him better from Shepp's double LP Further Fire Music, which had a trio with David Izenson and Moses on the first two sides. I guess I'll have to dig it out of the archives and make mp3s- I can't find it available for sale or download (legal or illegal) anywhere on line.

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Anonymous said...

J.C. Moses (1936-1977)
Moses worked early in the 1960s with Clifford Jordan, Kenny Dorham, and Eric Dolphy. In 1963, he performed and recorded with the New York Contemporary Five, a group that included Archie Shepp, John Tchicai, and Don Cherry among its members. In 1964 he played with Tchicai and Roswell Rudd in the New York Art Quartet, and following this with Bud Powell, Charles Lloyd, Roland Kirk, Andrew Hill, and Sam Rivers. He moved to Copenhagen around 1969, where he was house drummer at the Montmartre Club, playing with Ben Webster and Dexter Gordon among others. He played less in the 1970s due to failing health and returned to Pittsburgh, where he played with Nathan Davis and Eric Kloss.

Yeah, J.C was happening!