Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Paradiddle shift with bass drum

This is something I've been working with, and finally had the time to write up. The paradiddle shift is a pretty common exercise involving the displacement of the paradiddle by one 16th note. Most people get it through Stone's Stick Control; I first started using it after seeing it in a Modern Drummer article featuring Fred Sanford, in the early 80's. Usually it follows the sequence from Stone (p.5, ex. 5-8), with the paradiddle starting on the beat, then the 'a', then the '&', then the 'e'.

What I've done here is make the shift by adding a 16th note on the bass drum, which makes the displacements happen in reverse order. The order is not a big deal, the means of making the shift is:

I've included two exercises, one with single accents, and one with two accents per paradiddle. Follow the road map- play the repeated measures one or more times, and the non-repeated measures only once; when you get to the double bar, go back to the top, reversing the stickings- start with the left the second time through. You can and should move these around the drums and add flams, drags, or whatever embellishments you want.

Get the pdf.

YouTube clip with Fred Sanford's version of the paradiddle shift after the break:

Paradiddle exercise starts at 2:30:

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