Saturday, April 09, 2011

Todd's methods: 11-note pattern - part 1

This is part one of something I've written up strictly for my own practice, but others may be able to use it as a guide for developing and exploring their own ideas. Or maybe someone just feels like learning something a little unusual.

This pattern has been coming up spontaneously in my own playing for years, without me fully understanding it. With good reason, because it's stranger than I expected- it's composed of a RLL plus two paradiddles, which is easy enough, but it also comes out to being eleven even notes long, which is not easy to use any of the usual ways. Here I've run it through a number of rhythms, numbers of repetitions, and starting beats- or more importantly, ending beats. There's no particular logic in the sequence of rhythms- from 16ths to tuplets to triplets- so don't look for any. I'll do another installment to show some possible drumset applications.

Download the pdf.

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