Friday, February 04, 2011

James Gadson: soul master

Nothing to say, I was just thinking about the drummer James Gadson. What am I going to add?

Two Bill Withers clips I post anywhere and everywhere I can:

More clips after the break:

Another soul classic:

With Dyke & the Blazers:

A documentary called Keep In Time, which I'll be tracking down, also featuring Earl Palmer and Paul Humphrey:

Here's a Ramsey Lewis thing that's nothing special, but Gadson is awesome:

All you need to know about disco:


JHMilner said...

Thank you for posting these. Gadson's feel is's a clinic on use of the kick, hats and snare. All young players (all players for that matter) should study James' playing.

Unknown said...

There is a James Gadson educational DVD that is available now that is great! He made it about 18 years ago in Japan and now it's available in the US. He talks all about the different cities in the US and what made their music and grooves unique. Very informative and practical!! He plays around in LA all the time and still sounds amazing and is a really nice person to boot!

4 Strings said...

The groove has nothing to prove, Gadson is the epitome of that. What a great choice!