Thursday, February 03, 2011

2011 Europe tour dates

My 2010 Europe tour with my group Pop Art 4 is firming up, ever so slightly. It will run approximately from October 26th through November 9th, with the bulk of the dates in Belgium- Ghent, Antwerp, Liege, and several dates in Brussels. After missing them in 2010, we'll be back at Dumont's in Aachen, Germany again- a great venue from our 2009 tour, with one of the best audiences I've ever had. We should also be making a date or two in Paris, and elsewhere in western Germany.

The rhythm section will consist of me, plus two excellent Belgian musicians, Bram Weijters of Antwerp (piano), and Olivier Stalon of Brussels (bass)- the horn player hasn't been determined yet.

Updates as they come in...


joesh said...

Amazing, how did you bump into Olivier (and Bram for that matter)? And who is the horn player .... mystery!

Interested to hear what you do with the Gainsbourg stuff, after all it's not often that people outside of France and Belgium actually know this music - more than as a myth. You should check out L'Âme des Poètes, a Belgian group that deals with only chanson francaise - ask your group, they can give you some info, or maybe have the CDs.

You'll have to get Olivier to pass on my contact info when you get here, if you're around long enough.

All the best - Joe

Todd Bishop said...

Hi Joe!
Olivier was referred to me by two different guys who met him at Banff- Andrew Oliver (Portland pianist who did my tour last year) and Chad McCullough (works for my brother at Origin Records). I think Bram was through Chad as well. I was really glad to meet them both- they're outstanding musicians, and have been incredibly helpful with the tour.

You can check out the Gainsbourg stuff at, or let me know what you think! I'll try to find that group, sounds interesting!

I'll drop you an email so we can hopefully be in touch when I'm over there- thanks! t