Sunday, June 30, 2024

Very occasional quote of the day: productivity

If people saw the way I lived, they'd realize that I spend a huge amount of time just relaxing and goofing off, watching baseball on television, going to movies, taking walks, playing jazz, and practicing my clarinet. I don't work around the clock at all.

How productive is my output? A film every year at most, probably even a little longer than that, and occasional magazine pieces and that's really it. It's not all that much work. If you work only three to five hours a day, you become quite productive. It's the steadiness of it that counts. Getting to the typewriter every day is what makes for productivity.

- Woody Allen, interview with Robert F. Moss, Saturday Review, 1980


Anonymous said...

Hey Todd love the blog, fuck woody allen tho... don't wipe away the dignity of yr blog with his BS. Thx!

Todd Bishop said...

Sure, I don't vouch for his character, this is related to what he's saying about being a productive artist.