Sunday, February 18, 2024

Groove o' the day: Elvin waltz by Kenny Washington

Here's Kenny Washington playing an Elvin Jones-type of waltz groove on Simple Waltz, on Clark Terry's 1991 record Live at the Village Gate. It's kind of an obscure item now, I bought the record then to check out some Kenny Washington. I used to play along with it a lot. 

It's actually really Elvin like, though Washington has a different way of playing time from him— and sound, and touch. See my groove o' the day and transcription of John Coltrane's Your Lady. There's also a page o' coordination based on it. 

On the intro he plays the ties, when the band comes in he plays the straight cymbal rhythm as written, no ties. 

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Ed Pierce said...

I also bought that album in the early 90's to "check out some Kenny Washington," and I listened to it a lot back then. His playing is precise, clean, and swinging, with a great touch. You're right, that groove in his hands sounds a lot different than Elvin! Back then I transcribed some of his playing on the tune "Keep on Keepin' On" from that record.