Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Daily best music in the world: Moon Germs

I have some commitments out of town right the next couple of weeks, and will be posting very lightly, so here's a record I listen to a lot in college, that I need to get back into rotation: Moon Germs, by Joe Farrell, with Jack Dejohnette on drums. I'm hitting the CTI label catalog hard these days.  

RANDOM NOTE: I should also remind you that I have two AWESOME 22" Extra Special Janavar jazz rides available at Cymbalistic right now. The first ones sold in 48 hours, these two have been inexplicably hanging around several weeks. We're doing meets in Seattle and central Washington in coming weeks, and they will certainly go away then. 

When I will have more in stock is UNKNOWN

UPDATE: One of them, “Emilia”, has sold— one remains, “Beatrice.”

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