Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Ralph Humphrey in hospice, RIP Ivan Conti

Not great news in music this week. 

Ralph Humphrey, who had been undergoing cancer treatment, has entered hospice care. He's one of the first drummers I ever knew the name of, from Frank Zappa's album Apostrophé. I was about 7 years old, and my brother had the record. Later on a learned of his book Even In The Odds (he left a comment here on my review of it), and when I was looking for a school in LA, was considering studying with him at Cal State Northridge— ended up at USC. As a San Jose State alumni, he's definitely extended family— many of my teachers and peers also went there. 

You can go to his Facebook page and send him some love.

And Brazilian drummer Ivan Conti has passed away. Best known for playing with the fusion group Azymuth, bringing that beautiful Brazilian spirit to fusion, playing it with a lot more soul than is normally associated with it. I've transcribed a number of his things since I've been doing this site, learning about his playing is very worth it. 

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