Monday, March 06, 2023

Hey, buy stuff

Two pieces of gear-buying news:  

My friend and student Bill W. owns a bunch of great snare drums, and is letting some of them go on Reverb. He's got a 60s Gretsch Progressive Jazz, a wood Dynasonic, a 50s Radio King, some Craviottos, and more! And I'm sure he'll be posting more in coming days/weeks. He also has a bunch of great Turkish K. Zildjians— I'm sure he'll put those up some time. 

I already bought a sweet 60s 5x14 Gretsch COB, and will be getting a super-cool old Eames drum with wood hoops soon. He had a sweet 50s 4x14" Max Roach model that is long gone.  

Ohh yeahh. OOOHHH yeahhh. 

I'll be picking up a new round of Cymbal & Gong cymbals, Thursday, including:  

Two light weight 22" Extra Special Janavars
This is my first custom experiment in cymbals. Janavar style cymbals with K-type hammering/lathing, with heavy patina, three rivets. The first round of 20s from last year sounded great, these will be a little lighter. 

Light 20" Holy Grail Jazz Ride
Usually they come in the high 1700s to mid 1800s range; this one will be in the low 1600s. I played several Ks like this when I was in school, and to me it's a basic type. 

14 and 16" “Wide” China cymbals
These are my favorite Chinas— very thin, with an authentic, high energy Chinese sound, without being too trashy or obnoxious. Easy to handle, they blend well with other cymbals, and work at all volume levels— you can get that vibe without having to wail on them, and without accidentally wiping out the rest of the rhythm section.  

14" Light-Medium Holy Grail Hihats
No big deal— I say that like they won't be the best hihats you've ever owned— I've been short on hihats for awhile, and I tend to like them kind of medium. I only sell cymbals I'm excited about. You'll love these for any kind of music. 

Not a ton of stuff, because I already have a bunch of good cymbals for sale on my site Cymbalistic

And be advised: because the shipment just came in from Türkiye, C&G will have a lot of stock on hand, so if you want something special I don't have, now's the time to ask for it. 

Here's one of those little Chinas, now owned by a great drummer in New York: 

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