Sunday, June 26, 2022

CYMBALISTIC: Becken Deutschland - June 27-July 11

CYMBALISTIC:  Germany tour is happening NOW, from June 27 to July 11— I can't believe it's been three years since our last visit. 

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I'll meet a lot of drummers to hang out, deliver pre-purchased cymbals, and show as many extra cymbals as I can carry, for you to play and purchase. I'm bringing a couple of special discount items as well. 

I'll also travel to Istanbul, to visit Cymbal & Gong’s makers, and pick up two extra special MYSTERY CYMBALS, that are being created as we speak. To play them you can track me down in Berlin on July 8-10— use the email contact link in the sidebar.  

If you're in Germany— or Turkey, for that matter— come on down and hang out! 

We are meeting at: 

Berlin – Wednesday, June 29 – THOMAS RÖNNEFARTH PERCUSSION
Quitzowstraße 52, 10559 – 1-5pm

Dresden – Thursday, June 30 – Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber
Wettiner Pl. 13, 01067 – 11-1pm – percussion department 

If you live near Frankfurt and want to get a cymbal, we can meet in the Frankfurt airport on July 11 (evening, @ airport Sheraton), to deliver it to you. 

Here are the cymbals I'm bringing: 

22" Special Janavar "Vivian" - 2106g - RESERVED
22" Holy Grail Jazz Ride "Jasper" - 2293 - RESERVED
22" Holy Grail Jazz Ride "Prima" - 2405g - RESERVED
22" Holy Grail Jazz Ride "Calpurnia" - 2336g - RESERVED

20" Turk Jazz Ride "Seijun" - 1725g 
20" Holy Grail Jazz Ride "Beau" - 1675g 
20" Holy Grail Jazz Ride "Malik" - 1840g
20" Special Janavar Crash-Ride "Vera" - 1711g

20" Merseybeat Crash-Ride "Felix" - 2210g

19" Special Janavar Crash-Ride "Lev" - 1596g - RESERVED
19" Holy Grail Dizzy "Zhang" - 1352g - RESERVED
19" Holy Grail Jazz Ride "Curtis" - 1628g 

18" Turk Crash "Junko" - 1405g
18" Holy Grail Crash "Fox" - 1080g 
18" Holy Grail Crash "Huck" - 1282g

17" Holy Grail Crash "Doug" - 1090g - RESERVED
17" Holy Grail Crash "Jake" - 1172g - RESERVED

16" Holy Grail Hihats "Sasha" - 1008/1269g
15" Midnight Lamp (half Turk) Paper Thin Crash "Zak" - 669g

14" Holy Grail Hihats "Eugene" - 802/1005g
14" Holy Grail Hihats "Dexter" - 812/961g

13" Holy Grail Hihats "Jordan" - 624/785g - RESERVED

Go to the Cymbalistic site and hear most of these cymbals. Sign up for the mailing list to get updates.

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