Friday, April 15, 2022

CYMBALISTIC: more cymbals!

CYMBALISTIC:  I just got a few more cymbals in stock, videos will be coming soon! [4/18 - videos are up!]

•  More of the very popular thin Turks! 18/20/22"

4/18: I discovered a small defect on the 20, so it will be dramatically discounted. It's a great cymbal, it just has a little irregularity on the edge. You'll use it your entire career, only $335. [4/29 - it's been sold.]

•  Two 20" Holy Grail Jazz Rides - Both are excellent, versatile main rides. 

•  20" Mersey Beat Crash-Ride - Jazz musicians love the Mersey Beat. I've sold several of these to some great players.

•  16" Holy Grail Chinese [4/21 - sold] - The last one available. These are super cool. I was hoping we would have more, but there was a little language barrier problem with the specifications for the last set. 

There's going to be a lot of cymbal activity in the next couple of months, as I get ready for some cymbal meets in Germany at the end of June, and another visit to Istanbul. Things are moving out fast these days— if you see anything you want to own, jump on it quickly. Much of the current stock will be going to Germany if nobody buys it first.  

Visit CYMBALISTIC to check them out. 

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