Monday, December 20, 2021

CYMBALISTIC: New Holy Grails and more!

CYMBALISTIC: New Holy Grails are in! My stock was getting pretty depleted after a wild couple of weeks of sales. I got some big thin jazz cymbals, if anybody needs a new main axe— though one (both?) of the 22s has already been claimed. 

That one reminds me of Max Roach's cymbal on this Charlie Parker track, which I shared awhile back. Max may be playing a 20, but it's a very similar sound: 

I also got video of the patinated Janovar crash-ride. The Janovar series are inspired by a 1960s European B8 line that was revived in recent years. We put a heavy patina on it, with green highlights, and it's kind of wild, a great contrasting sound to the Holy Grails: 

Hop over to my cymbal site, Cymbalistic, and check them out! 

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