Friday, November 12, 2021

CYMBALISTIC: New Turks are in!

UPDATE: Videos are up! 

CYMBALISTIC: I just got some great Cymbal & Gong custom Turks in stock— two 20" jazz rides, two 17" medium-thin crashes, one 22" Special Half-Turk jazz ride.

They're quite interesting: the Turks have a thin lathed band at the edge, similar to what Bosphorus does. It seems to give them some more high overtones— they sound like cymbals, they don't just go thud when you hit them, like some Turks we have all played. 

The 20s are light—1651 and 1673 grams. One is high, one is moody. Lively, expressive, playable Turks. Everybody loves playing light Turks because they sound like the record— whatever 60s jazz recording you want to sound like— from the playing position. By their nature they're best for recording and intimate situations, rather than high volume unmiked situations.

At 1167 and 1137 grams the crashes are approximately medium thin. Since they're Turks, they don't fully open up for an huge explosive crash— the crash is available, as you can hear, but it's not a huge sound. They're excellent for riding, should be great for a combo setting where a controllable, reasonable-volume left side cymbal is needed. I'm really favoring a 17" on the left these days. They do everything I want, and they're... agile. 

The 22" half-Turk is really interesting— at 2015 grams it's very light, top is lathed, bottom is unlathed. It's a rather airy, delicate traditional K sound, that decays rather quickly. Small bell. A 22" for lower volume situations— not unlike a Bosphorus Master, but not as delicate as that. It should record magnificently. There is also a 24" of this design available at C&G, if anyone is interested— shoot me a note. 

Visit to see what else I have for sale— I have a number of great 20" Holy Grails right now. Everybody should own one of those.  

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