Sunday, December 13, 2020

Very occasional quote of the day: kindness

“When I was a young drummer, I never got that many compliments and I never got that much criticism. The men I played with liked me enough not to repudiate my shortcomings. They wouldn’t do anything deliberately to hurt me.

You give kindness to human beings, you allow them to grow.”


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Ed Pierce said...

This reminds me of an interview with Elvin I listened to (possibly on NPR) many years ago. The interviewer asked what his brothers Hank and Thad thought of his drumming when he was just starting to gain acclaim with Coltrane's group (presumably because his style of playing was more modern and less "straight ahead" than they styles that they played). Elvin said something like, "I don't know what they thought of my drumming. I know they liked ME!" It appeared that to him that was by far the more important point.