Monday, October 05, 2020

CYMBALISTIC: Leon Collection!

CYMBALISTIC: Heads up, if you're thinking about getting some new cymbals. I'm holding a few new odd-size Leon Collection cymbals right now— 21", 19" and 17"—on approval from Cymbal & Gong.

The Leons are really lovely— “like 602s, but better”, said my friends in Berlin last year. They generally have a bright sound that is airy, complex, and very musical. They handle similarly to other jazz cymbals, and they blend well with them. I have an 18" crash that works beautifully with my other Cymbal & Gongs. I may well buy one of this group for myself.

Video of the new cymbals will be coming in a couple of days.

This very light 20" ride captures the spirit of them— our man in Berlin, Michael Griener, owns its companion:

Oh, also, thanks to my skype student Robert in San Luis Obispo for buying this wonderful Holy Grail, “Desmond.” These are the kind of cymbals you use your entire career.

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