Tuesday, February 11, 2020

NOW AVAILABLE: 2019 Book of the Blog

OK, the 2019 CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER! Book of the Blog is now available for purchase.

This handsome 131 page volume includes all of the downloadable materials, transcriptions, and practice methods posted on the site in 2019.

The major subjects include:
Hemiola Funk Series
Max Roach quasi-rubadub pages
• Various harmonic coordination-based methods
• Multiple ways of playing Three Camps
• Special syncopation exercises
• A number of EZ pages and methods suitable for players of all levels
• 17 quality, playable jazz transcriptions
• A lot more!

Order today!

See the complete table of contents after the break:

Syncopation rhythms: two notes per measure
Syncopation exercise – single notes
Syncopation exercise – singles and doubles
Tresillo and Cinquillo inversions
Syncopation rhythms: tresillo inversions - two measure combinations
EZ tresillo rock orchestrations
Mingus riffs
Syncopated melodic solo
Syncopation in 2/4 in 8th notes and 16th notes
Syncopation page 37 in 8ths and 16ths
Syncopation rhythms in 3/4 - a special set
Syncopation exercise in 3/4 - single notes, 2-3 8th spacing

Snare Drum
Preparation for Reed triplet studies
Reed solo method with right hand accents
Ruff Bossa for drums
Three Camps in paradiddle-diddles
Three Camps in 6-stroke rolls
Three Camps in 16th notes - alternative stickings
Stick Control flams in 5/8

Drum set basics
EZ linear quarter note rock
EZ linear quarter note rock - drills
Todd's methods - Gospel 6
EZ rock beats in 5 - 01
EZ rock beats in 5 - 02
Basic drumset coordination – alternating strokes
Rock unisons drill
Harmonic coordination improved - prep
Harmonic coordination improved - triplet prep
EZ rock fill drill
Page o' coordination: cut time funk - fusion cymbal rhythm
Reed funk method: 32nd notes
Reed method: 5+3 linear lick
Ignacio Berroa fills – Cleopatra's Needle
Tyshawn Sorey linear lick
Hemiola Funk Series - 2-4 inversions
Hemiola Funk Series - beginner sheet
Hemiola Funk Series - two coordination patterns
Hemiola Funk Series - SB-BS
Hemiola Funk Series - BS-SB
Hemiola Funk Series - repeated beats
Hemiola Funk Series - back to back
Hemiola Funk Series - doubles, beginner sheet
3/16 control

Page o' coordination: Max's Rubadub?
Max's Rubadub - cells
Max's Rubadub - transcribed examples
Max's Rubadub - transcribed examples - triplets added
Page o' coordination: that with interruptions - 01
Page o' coordination: that with interruptions – 02
Page o' coordination: that with interruptions - 03
Page o' coordination: that with interruptions – 04
Transcription: Art Blakey intro - The Egyptian
Transcription: Billy Higgins - two breaks
Transcription: Ben Dixon - 8 bar break
Transcription: Connie Kay - Three Little Words
Transcription: Ed Blackwell - The Way You Look Tonight
Transcription: Kenny Clarke fours
Transcription: Mel Lewis fours
Transcription: Al Foster - Egg Head
Transcription: Philly Joe Jones solo - Soft Winds
Transcription: Philly Joe Jones - Let's Cool One
Transcription: Charli Persip - Fuss Budget
Transcription: Tony Williams - Time of the Barracudas
Transcription: Brian Blade – Alabama
Transcription: Jack Dejohnette - Tennessee Waltz
Uptempo bailout drill
Transcription: Fred Braceful - All That Funk
Transcription: Joey Baron – Resistor
Transcription: Jack Dejohnette - Peasant Dance

Page o' coordination: cinquillo
Page o' coordination: Idris's Mozambique
Page o' coordination: Idris's clave
Page o' coordination: rumba clave - hands only
Mozambique fills
Guaguanco two ways
Afro 12/8 funk
Page o' coordination: Tekufah rhythm
Page o' coordination: Afro 9/8 - “African”
Page o' coordination: Afro 15/8
Reed samba method - basic exercise
Rhythms for Reed samba method

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