Saturday, February 22, 2020

Chaffee jazz patterns in a 4:3 feel

Playing the jazz patterns from Gary Chaffee's time functioning volume as 16th notes in a 4:3 feel. I feel like kind of a horse's ass writing this— it's all already in  the book. But there are a lot of patterns, spread out over a dozen pages, and I only need part of them, and it's more of an annoyance figuring it out while I'm practicing than it is just writing the page up while having my morning coffee, and listening to that Buster Williams record.

I want the patterns that have no more than two snare or bass drum notes, and no more than one hihat note. And only one version of them— in the book the patterns are written in all inversions, which is redundant for this purpose. In the book the patterns are written in 3/8, which I've retained, but we'll play them as 16th notes. If you can't make the translation, you probably shouldn't be messing with this. On p. 2 of the pdf I've indicated the rhythm for each pattern when played on a 16th note grid.  

Play the patterns along with the cymbal rhythms on p. 2. It may be difficult to play the last two lines of cymbal rhythms without seeing them written— it may be better to think in terms of playing the cymbal in unison with the snare, bass, or hihat, or on the rests— or in unison with snare, bass or hihat, plus one rest. This is pretty tedious stuff by itself, so use one of my practice loops.

Get the pdf

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