Monday, December 09, 2019

Syncopation rhythms: two notes

UPDATE: Download link is working now!

I've been posting a series of syncopation pages written/organized around a single idea for ease of practicing certain things. It's partly for my students, so I can give assignments appropriate for their level, and for myself, because I like to explore practice ideas fully— both without having to hunt for appropriate exercises in Reed or Bellson. Printer paper is cheap, so there's no reason not to have the practice library we want.

Here we have a couple of pages of one-line exercises with two notes per measure, spaced a quarter note or more apart.

These could be used as basic comping rhythms in jazz, or as left hand parts in bossa nova/samba, or for some kind of creative exploration of Bob Moses's “movable 2” concept, which you can devise yourself. They could also be used as bass drum rhythms in a rock or cut-time funk feel.

Get the pdf

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