Saturday, February 09, 2019

CYMBALISTIC: 18s, hihats

A few new Cymbal & Gong cymbals in stock, hand selected by me: In addition to the usual Holy Grail series, there are a couple from the American Artist series, which are “A-type” cymbals with a bright finish. They are generally brighter and slightly heavier than C&G's Holy Grail cymbals— a more contemporary sound, still very refined musical instruments suitable for all kinds of music. There is also a set of factory second hihats.

Sticks in the videos are Bopworks Birdland Model, and Vic Firth SD-4 Combos— Combos only with the hihats.

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18" Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail Crash-Ride “Henry”- 1595 grams  
Categorized as a crash-ride, but this is more of a light-medium ride. A classic clean jazz sound. Does not quite open up for an explosive fortissimo crash, but accents very nicely with the shoulder of the stick.


18" Cymbal & Gong American Artist Crash “Gregor” - 1379 grams
Full, responsive, lower pitched, all purpose medium-thin crash. Powerful crash sound. Fine for light riding in a jazz setting.


15" Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail Light Hihats “Grady” - 836/1019 grams
Lovely, lush, complex, thin hihats. Relatively soft foot sound, with a beautiful sizzle played half open.


14" Cymbal & Gong American Artist Medium Hihats “Brock” - 992/1210 grams
Medium hihats, high pitched, pleasingly bright timbre. Solid foot sound. Excellent, musical, all-purpose cymbals, good for jazz, as well as music where a stronger sound with more cutting power is needed.


15" FACTORY SECOND light hihats “Campbell” - approximately 850/1025 grams
This would be a wonderful set of Holy Grail hihats, but someone at the factory dropped them, and there are dings on the edge of both cymbals— approximately 2-3mm. I think that is what's commonly called a “flea bite”— it should not significantly effect the life of the the cymbals. The patina looks nice, but is somewhat more irregular than is normally expected. As factory seconds they do not bear a C&G cold stamp or label. Great cymbals at a bargain price!


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