Saturday, December 15, 2018

Year end Cymbal & Gong sale BASH BLOWOUT

Hey, let's see if I can blow out some of my remaining stock of cymbals before the end of the year. Remember, you can deduct December purchases on your looming 2018 taxes. It would be irresponsible not to buy!

Through December 31st, I'll offer FREE SHIPPING (USA only) on Cymbal & Gong cymbals.

For international buyers, I can offer a $40.00 discount on shipping. You pay the balance (~$10-40 for a 22" cymbal), plus whatever import duties your country requires.

Hit the links for video of each cymbal:

22" Holy Grail jazz rides, “Richard” - ~2150g / “Crawford” - 2163g — $450.00
Richard is deep, profound; Crawford is light, complex, more washy.

22" Midnight Lamp ride, “Clevon”- 2241g — $450.00
Light Turk-style ride unlathed except a few millimeters around the edge, small bell. Excellent recording and low-volume ride.

20" Holy Grail medium rides, “Idris” - 1974g and “Lee” (SOLD)- 2019g — $390.00
Idris is the lighter of the two, Lee is a solid funk cymbal. Everybody needs to own a medium ride, and C&G mediums are the most versatile I've played.

SOLD - 20" Mersey Beat crash/ride, “Freddie”- 2182g — $375.00
They call these crash/rides, but it's really a live, crashable medium. Four rivets at 1, 3, 6, 9 o'clock.

20" Kervan China type, “Ferdinand” - 1466g — $390.00
Prodigious! Strong but non-obnoxious China, nice fast crash sound.

18" Holy Grail crash, “Connie” - 1404g — $325.00
Excellent bop crash-ride. I played this on a gig in Berlin, and it sounded NICE. Great Tony Williams-style left side cymbal.

16" Holy Grail crash, “Bastien” - 914g — $290.00
Super cool, funky little crash.

If you are in Germany, and located conveniently to Berlin, there are two cymbals available for you to pick up. Prices are what you pay— no customs, no shipping.

18" Holy Grail crash, “Austin” - 1391g — 280.00€
Great medium thin crash, rides well.

16" Holy Grail crash, “Martin”- 884g  — 250.00€
Another super cool 16!

To purchase, hit the EMAIL TODD link in the sidebar under “About the author” >>>>
Tell me the cymbal(s) you want, along with your shipping address. Payment is handled via PayPal, or money order.

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