Saturday, September 15, 2018

Three Cymbal & Gong 22s

Here are the videos for those three Cymbal & Gong 22" cymbals, which I picked out for my friend Jakob in Munich to hear. I don't have gram weights for them, but the Holy Grail rides are a little heavier than conventional jazz ride weight— you could call them light mediums. Either one of those cymbals would be great as anyone's main axe. The Leon Collection is pretty much a medium thin crash.

A few notes on the cymbals; I gave them names to distinguish one from another, absent a gram weight:

22" Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail Ride - “Louis”
Nice complex tones all around, higher pitched.

22" Cymbal & Gong Holy Grail Ride - “Richard”
More focused, controlled sound, cool deep bell sound, big deep crash. Both HGs will be getting a patina applied to them, which you see in this photo— that will mellow their sound a bit.

22" Leon Collection Crash - “Juan”
It's a crash, but it's suitable for light riding too— with care and the right sticks. Here I'm using hickory 7As. Solid bell sound for all dynamic levels. Very interesting harmonic profile, not in a bad way; I've never heard another cymbal like it. Very live, good for some very dynamic Brian Blade-like playing, where you do some very light riding together with some very big explosive crashing.

I made another video of those cymbals, which was horribly out of focus, but the sound is good. Hit the link if you want to hear the three cymbals played together. 

I'll be keeping the Holy Grails in stock, so at least one of them will be available for purchase. If you want the LC, get in touch soon, because it will be going back to the C&G headquarters and out to who knows what drum shop soon. Hit the EMAIL TODD link at the right if you have questions about them, or if you'd like me to find a cymbal for you.

Once again, if you're in Germany near Berlin or Munich, I'll be bringing cymbals there in December. If you're in Belgium or anywhere close to it, I'm planning a similar trip there next year.

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