Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Cymbals news: 22s in stock, Germany trip

Video and playing notes about the 22s is here.

News re: Cymbal & Gong cymbals

As you may know by now, I'm getting into selling some cymbals through the site, made by Cymbal & Gong*, a small Portland company with smiths in Turkey, and hand selected by me. I haven't managed to translate my feelings about what great instruments these are into an actual sales pitch yet, so let's just say that for a true 50s-60s sound, they are the best cymbals I've played. Their flagship Holy Grail series is aptly named.

I have three really nice 22" ride cymbals in stock right now: two Holy Grails, one Leon Collection. The HGs are jazz weight, and are very live and higher pitched, with a nice focused sound. I'm starting to get a handle on what the LC cymbals are all about; they really seem like crash cymbals, but some of them also make really great light rides— this is one of those. A controllable light ride with a very available, extremely lush crash sound.

Videos of those cymbals coming later in the week. Check out my YouTube feed for video samples of some other C&G cymbals.

The Germany cymbal trip** is looking good! I'll be coming to Germany in December to deliver your cymbal pre-orders, with stops in Berlin and Munich, possibly Nuremberg and Dresden. If you live near any of those cities and need cymbals, hit the EMAIL TODD link in the sidebar and tell me what you need.

I'm also reaching out to people in Belgium for a trip next year, so if you live there, or Paris, Nordrhein-Westfalen, or Netherlands, and have interest, let me know.

* - If you get excited and buy something through their site, please tell them I sent you!

** -  Still looking for a catchy name for this. Cymbald√§mmerung? Becken Berlin? Becken The Saddle?


Anonymous said...

Where can I see the cymbals for sale? How much?

Todd Bishop said...

I'll post videos on Friday of the 22"s and 20" I have available. Send me an email and I can give you more info.