Saturday, May 26, 2018

More paradiddle combinations in 3

More Stick Control-style paradiddle combinations in 3. I find these really useful:

Once again here are the basic ways to do these on the drum set— the only way I do these. I basically never sit at the practice pad and run sticking patterns at an even volume.

R = RH-cym + BD / L = left on snare and/or toms
R = BD / L = both hands in unison on drums or SD+cym
R = BD / L = LH on snare drum - ADD RH on cym in stock rhythm of your choice

I think the most efficient use of your practice time to practice the first way more with the RH lead exercises, and the second way more with the LH lead exercises. That is if you're not doing them all, all ways. There are a lot of exercises and there are only so many hours in the day. The easiest, laziest, most useless practice advice people give is “DO EVERYTHING.” You're supposed to do everything eventually, in the short term, you have to prioritize rationally. Hence the thing I said above...

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