Tuesday, March 27, 2018

NEW E-BOOK: Syncopation in 3/4

That's right, ANOTHER new e-book: Syncopation in 3/4. All of my regular followers are going to want to have this one... being as we are very dedicated to the myriad/infinite ways of practicing Ted Reed's Progressive Steps to Syncopation.

I don't know why it's never been done before: a Syncopation-like reading text all in 3/4. If one exists, I'm not aware of it. The format is similar to Reed, but all of the materials are newly composed, and I'm covering a couple of things I would have liked to have seen in that book; and I've not bothered including a number of things which I never use in Reed.

This book has sections on quarter notes, linear quarter notes, 8th notes, 8th rests, tied 8ths, and syncopation— including one and two measure exercises, and eight long reading exercises. Plus there's an introductory chapter introducing the basic concepts for interpreting the book on the drumset. I'll be releasing another couple of shorter volumes soon dealing with 16th notes and triplets.

This book is formatted for rendering on Kindle, tablet, iPad, laptop, or regular computer— there is an Amazon app for reading Kindle books on non-Kindle devices. Lines of exercises are two measures long, and the long syncopation exercises are limited to 20 measures in length. A print version will be available soon, which will have longer reading exercises, and a four-measure line format, similar to Reed.

Get Syncopation in 3/4 instantly from Amazon.


Ed Pierce said...

Nice, Todd! When the print version comes out (since I'm old school), I'll pick up a copy.

Anonymous said...

Are print copies available?

Todd Bishop said...

Yes, look in the sidebar-- there's a link to buy the print version through Lulu.com.