Saturday, June 24, 2017

Displacing a groove - 16th notes - 01

This is an easy funk exercise, getting acquainted with rhythmic displacements that happen routinely in funk drumming, while relating them back to a simple groove. When this word displacement comes up, it's usually suggestive of some kind of rhythmic trickery, for people who are too cool to play things other people can follow. That's not what we're about here— we're just learning one simple creative move for use in normal, groove-oriented playing.

Play each pattern four times, then move on to the next one without stopping. If you have any difficulty with any of the patterns (I'm guessing, the ones without a bass drum on 1), you can alternate it with pattern 1— repeat pattern 1 and the problem pattern one time each for a minute. Most people won't need to work this to death; you can play through the page in 5-10 minutes, during 1-3 practice sessions, and you will have learned everything it has to show you. Like a lot of fairly dry exercises, this will be more fun if you play it with a practice loop.

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