Thursday, April 13, 2017

Linear phrases in 3/4, mixed rhythm - 02

Here's the companion to the Gary Chaffee linear phrases in 3/4, which I posted the other day. This page just has the same phrases displaced by one note; the last note of each phrase, a bass drum note, has been moved over to beat 1, so the first pattern of each phrase begins on the & of 1.

As I said, I've done quite a few pages of this type of thing, and we're at the point where the added value of each new page may be diminishing. Whether you work on my 5/4 pages, or my 7/4 pages, or just the exercises in 4/4 and 12/8 in the original book, the difference between things is fairly small. So you may as well jump around. You shouldn't be feeling oh my God, there are so many pages to work on. It's really just one thing.

Use the stickings given at the top of the page— alternating, each pattern starting with the right hand. You can also reverse the stickings, or try a natural sticking system— although I think it really becomes a different concept if you do that. You can move your hands around the drums, or play the right hand on the ride or hihat, left hand on snare drum, or left hand moving.

If you do these exercises “in 1”— fast, feeling one beat per measure— they translate easily into a 6/8 or 12/8 feel; in that context they would be played as 16th notes and 16th note triplets.

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