Saturday, May 21, 2016

Page o' coordination: shuffle bass drum variations

It's a busy, busy, busy, busy time here— lots of gigs, lots of teaching, lots of work to be done on my house as we convert our little back house into an Air b'n'b. Nevertheless, here's a normal-difficulty POC for getting your bass drum together when playing a normal jazz shuffle:

Patterns 1-6, 14, maybe 15, you may end up using your actual time feel at some point. The remainder are for developing facility so you can make variations and build intensity without falling apart.

You have the option of just playing the hands in unison, both hands playing the shuffle rhythm; or you could play dotted quarters notes (or quarter notes in 4/4) on the cymbal, eliminating the skip note. But learn that page as written first.

If you want a track to play with, try Jimmy Smith's Back At The Chicken Shack. Or root around in Smith's catalog for a slower or faster shuffle.

Get the pdf

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Anonymous said...

Great post,another good exercise for this is to read the syncopation (ex.1-2 ecc.) with the bass