Friday, November 14, 2014

Billy Mintz clinic and concert in Portland TOMORROW

I don't know how many local readers I have, but if you're in Portland, you should go see Billy Mintz give a drum clinic, followed by a concert with his quartet tomorrow evening— follow the links for details. Billy is an amazing drummer somewhat in the Paul Motian vein, if there is such a thing: very free, very... painterly is a word you could use. He will often play like he doesn't know how to play the drums, but his stuff is actually very together. He's also the author of the drum book Different Drummers, which is an out-of-print legend, like Bob Moses's Drum Wisdom.


Michael Griener said...

Man, I'm jealous.
Billy is one of my favorite drummers.
He is as loose as it can be, but rock solid at the same time. And his sound is just gorgeous.
His book "Different Drummers" was an important book for me when I started playing drums back in the days.
It seems he has another book out: "Advanced Sticking and Sight-Reading", probably self-published.
It would be great if you could take a look at it and tell us what it's all about since it is impossible to get over here in Old Europe.
(Btw, any plans of crossing the pond in the near future?)
best, Michael

Todd Bishop said...

Hey Michael! Not sure if you got my previous emails-- maybe I'm getting spam-filtered? I need to drop Billy an email re: those books (I didn't know about the second one)-- I saw him three times when he was in Portland, but he has a way of not making it easy to approach him-- not unfriendly, but you really feel like you're intruding in his personal space. Funny...

I'll be touring again in Belgium in April-- coming back to Berlin is a top priority-- if it's not too late to book it, maybe I can slap together a couple of gigs with some local players?