Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Todd's African triplet lick

I call this an African idea, but really it's just a thing that keeps happening when I solo with an Afro 6 feel; it's African by vibe. And it's not really a “lick”, it's more an entry point into playing triplets groove-soloistically on the drums, in this style. The bass drum parts I've given are mostly generic— you could substitute anything at all from your library, on a triplet grid— but I've put them in a logical order for the hand part, and the cross rhythm is just weird enough that you might want to actually see it on the page, so here we are:

You should be able to burn through most of this page pretty quickly. Much of the point of doing the bass drum parts is to just force you to play the pattern longer, to refine your touch with it. But they also shift the emphasis around in some interesting ways. I try to draw a hand-drum type of sound of the instrument here, maybe popping the rim click a little stronger than the other notes.

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