Thursday, June 27, 2013

Groove o' the day: Freddie Waits — African Village

Here's another afro 6 alternative— we haven't had any new ones lately. Played by Freddie Waits, on the tune African Village on McCoy Tyner's Time For Tyner, released in 1968:

I've written this in a fast 6/4, phrased as 6/8+3/4. The hihat on beats 2 and 5 pulls it into the jazz waltz, ah,  “domain”; putting it on a dotted quarter note rhythm would give it more of an African feel— I suggest learning it that way as well. Or you can do as Waits does during parts of the solos (especially after 5:00) and put the bass drum on the dotted quarters; when he does that he generally plays the cymbal pattern from the first half of the measure only— the 6/8 part. You'll hear it. 

Audio after the break:

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