Monday, April 29, 2013

Todd's methods: Tiki's 32nds

This is a little loosy-goosy method I improvised yesterday afternoon while practicing along with Maggot Brain, by Funkadelic. There are several medium-tempo, 16th note-based grooves on the record, and the drummer, Tiki Fulwood, tends to double up his fills, using 32nd notes in them. most frequently in Can You Get To That. I don't automatically hear fills that way, and this helped me get some similar things under my hands.

This works while playing along with Can You Get To That, Hit It And Quit It, You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks, or Back In Our Minds. I'm sure Fulwood is playing the hihat with one hand, while I'm suggesting playing it alternating, but no matter. And the exercises are based on 8th notes in cut time, while the songs are 16th notes in 4/4; just put the backbeat in the exercise in the same place as it is on the recording and everything will fit.

Get the pdf

Oh, and if you're interested, David Aldridge has reprinted an excellent, extended piece on Fulwood at his excellent drumming blog— go read that, too.

Audio after the break, though there's really no excuse for not owning the record...

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