Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Groove(s) o' the day: Shuggie Otis — Inspiration Information

Once upon a time even music meant for mass consumption didn't necessarily have the same drum beat played repetitively all the way through. The drumming on Inspiration Information by Shuggie Otis is constantly changing, while maintaining the same basic feel. From the 1974 record of the same name. Drums by Otis.

From the first verse:

Beginning of second verse. On a closer listen, he's also playing the hihat on 2 and 4 here, along with the snare drum— I guess I'll have to correct that when I put together the next groove book:

Second time through second verse:

From backing vocal part after second verse, with many variation:

Behind the guitar solo:

And there's a lot more going on— be sure to listen to the audio, after the break:

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